Kevin Freer Photography

From working on race cars to being behind the lens, I'm now capturing both the roar of the competition and award-winning motorsports shots. Soon after that I started doing wildlife and landscapes, too show the essence of movement and light. Now I've branched out and have been enjoying the challenge of crafting compelling portraits that reveal a subject's inner character.

Potomac Speedway

Hit the gas and check out the action.

Dominion Raceway

Where seconds matter and memories last. Let's find out where your faviorte car is.


Look for your track and see shots from the green flag to the checkered flags .


Unleash the Wild! Peek into the lives of incredible creatures. Lets embark on a wildlife adventure.


From sunrise to sundown, all sports! We dive into the day in the life of an athlete and sports teams!!


Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary. Witness landscapes from sunrises to sunsets and everything in between.


A peek into my portrait world.

Night Photos

Unveiling the magic of night. Moonlit wonders and urban landscapes await. You should explore the after-dark beauty.